Sarah Palin

You know what I’ve been thinking about lately?  Sarah Palin.

One of the oldest clichés in the horror movie genre is the psycho-slasher who won’t die.  At the end of the film after the killer has wreaked havoc on a small town and its teenage delinquents, he is finally killed; laid to rest usually by a young female virgin or some doctor who is clearly the only person alive who truly understands the evil nature of this monster.  And just when the audience has breathed a collective sigh of relief it learns that the slasher is… STILL ALIVE!

palin1Sarah Palin seems to be taking a lesson from this age-old cinematic standard.  With the 2008 Presidential Election over and the Republicans licking their wounds, most of us reasonably assumed the world’s most famous hockey mom and her folksy fear-mongering would hightail it back to the Great White North, content to live her life as the governor of the country’s largest state (by land mass, not by I.Q.).  Once back in Alaska, Sarah Barracuda could return to her quiet small town life, helicopter hunting and snow machine racing, away from all the east coast media elites who wished to do her harm.

Instead… she’s back!  More accurately she never left choosing to stick around the white-hot spotlight and embracing the press corps she once avoided like the plague.  We couldn’t turn on a cable news network this week without seeing the former vice presidential candidate yucking it up with the likes of Matt Lauer, Greta Van Susteren, Wolf Blitzer and the still living Larry King.  She even invited some of those media elites she once decried into her home for pleasant conversation and a big bowl of moose chili.  Mmmmmm… moose chili.

Why the sudden change of heart?

Perhaps Governor Palin just wanted to clear the air after a highly contested campaign.  Perhaps she wanted to defend herself against allegations of diva-hood and reckless shopping.  Perhaps she wanted to continue to stoke the flames of fear by invoking yet again the name of domestic terrorist William Ayres.  Or perhaps there’s something more sinister afoot: keeping her Q rating high enough for a presidential run in 2012.

Now that’s really scary.

And much like cinematic slashers Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger this horror just won’t die.  Sarah Palin seems hell-bent on returning to the American limelight over and over again, with each sequel undoubtedly being a worse, less intelligent version of its predecessor.

Palin in 2012?  No thanks.  I’d rather vote for Leatherface.  At least that guy’s got a decent grasp of foreign policy and he could probably handle himself in an interview with Katie Couric.


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One response to “Sarah Palin

  • don'tmuchpayattention

    This woman hasn’t much to contribute to our daily lives……..not much to say here! She needs to go back home and take care of her kids. As a sibling who cared physically and emotionally – very deeply for a special needs child….. in her particular case – she is needed at home more than she is needed on the media circuit.

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